Project Support

With many years of design and field experience on M2M communication, Happyware is your reliable IoT Partner. Happyware’s IoT experts can support you through all steps of your IoT project, from the initial requirements analysis and project planning through installation, roll-out, maintenance and service. Thanks to our strategic partnership with renowned IoT pioneers in hardware and software we deliver the optimal solution for your IoT needs of any scale, complexity or industry.


Happyware IoT Industrial Monitoring

We are pleased to introduce our IoT Industrial Monitoring Solution based on Happyware IoT Gateway with Intel® Quark™ SoC X1021 Chipset. Equipped with the Linux based intelligence and communication capability Happyware IoT Gateway can connect to a variety of sensors and actuators to collect and produce valuable information which is streamed into live industrial systems, e.g. SCADA.

You can download the demo sheet for Happyware IoT Industrial Monitoring Solution here.

download PDFHappyware IoT Industrial Monitoring Solution

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Embedded Solutions

Are you interested in an embedded solution? Happyware work closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to deliver customized appliances tailored to your and your customers’ needs. In cooperation with our highly experienced embedded technology partners, we evolve embedded systems into smart, secure communications and networking solutions and provide embedded systems for applications in various industries including automotive, HVAC, semiconductor, health, logistics, transportation, telecommunications and IT.


Complete Solutions

Do you need an all-around solution? Contact us to benefit from Happyware’s expertise in server, storage, cluster and cloud systems. Thanks to our many years of experience in IT business, we can adapt your IT infrastructure to your IoT needs and facilitate the integration of your legacy systems which minimizes investment costs and maximizes ROI.