IoT Gateways


Internet of Things (IoT) depends on secure, continuous, real-time data transmissions between billions of smart objects distributed over various geographic locations and networks running different protocols. At this point, IoT gateways serve multiple critical functions.


According to the latest estimates, there will be more than 50 billion devices connected to the IoT by 2020, up to 85% of which will be legacy devices. Having been equipped with a wide range of wired and wireless interfaces, protocols and standards such as

  • Ethernet, USB, PCI Express
  • Low power Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • RS-232/422/423/485
  • Cellular (2G, 3G, 4G LTE)
  • IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee, 6LoWPAN)
  • CAN, Modbus, KNX

IoT gateways effectively mitigate the great variety and diversity of devices by consolidating data from disparate sources and interfaces and bridging them to the Internet. Thus, IoT gateways provide a unique solution for secure, reliable connectivity of legacy and new devices and infrastructures, which keeps the technical complexity and investment costs low.



Empowered through embedded, low power processors IoT gateways bring the intelligence to the end node making local data filtering possible. This not only makes intelligent end-to-end analytics possible, but also reduces the required data traffic significantly and thus the operating costs.


With the increasing number of connected devices and systems, the significance of data security increases continuously. IoT gateways offer both hardware and software level security measures. Utilizing technologies such as Trusted Boot, encrypted data storage and network communication, access authentication, IoT gateways allow you to generate intelligence from the collected data while preventing any unauthorized access.

Manageability, Scalability, Flexibility

IoT gateways provide a unique way to monitor and manage your devices remotely. Depending on your infrastructure and APIs, IoT gateways can be flexibly adapted to your current and future requirements.

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